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My son had started French Lesson with Mrs Oranous Mofrad and Mrs Scarlette Abrahamian when he was in Reception. Fast forward almost 7 years and he is still doing French Lessons. He absolutely loves it. He told me once that he loved his teacher so much that he wanted to make her proud.


I would recommend anyone interested to not hesitate. Both Mrs Oranous and Mrs Abrahamian are the most patient, enthusiastic tutors I have ever met. 

Harsha Rama

Our daughter has been attending La Jolie Ronde French language classes for a number of years.The hard work and dedication of teachers Mrs Abrahamian and Mrs Mofrad has come to fruition in the last two years.

As well as gaining nationally recognised DELF Prim qualifications, our daughter is excelling in French at school and is at an advance level for her age. The quality of teaching, the dedication of both teachers is second to none.

Thank you so much for all the hours you spent with our daughter (in groups and one to one sessions)- not only to ensure she is confident and ready for her DELF prim tests, but for making the lessons enjoyable and fun to learn French for all the children.  

Arby Ghazarian


Mdm Scarlett gave my son the best foundation for French when he was 4. The lessons were full of fun and extremely interactive with clever tools that appear to be toys that my son not only enjoyed but benefited him. 

 Mrs Sally Fok


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